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Welcome to the charts about MindArk's Entropia Universe that anyone can edit. Entropedia is in no way connected to MindArk and is fully maintained by the EU community.
There are 11903 items in 29 charts and a total of 197136 updates. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

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By selecting a planet only the data that is specific to that planet will show















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To make this site better, your help is wanted. You can do the following things to improve Entropedia:

  • Correct or add data of existing items in the Charts.
  • Add items that do not appear on Entropedia yet. There is a full list in the Missing Items chart.
  • Make a wish for new features on Entropedia in the Wishlist.
  • Report bugs concerning Entropedia in the Bugs section.
  • Become a trusted member and safeguard the data on Entropedia. Contact the the admin for more info.
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Site News


Ongoing changes made by the Entropian community. 


Added a chart management tool that allows trusted members to add new charts and columns. It can be found here.

Added a planet selector to the menu on the left. By selecting a planet only the data for that planet is shown in the charts.


Added a new tool: Weapon Compare. Using this tool you can compare different weapon setups.

Updated the charts to show group headers.

2010-10-06Added natural sort algorithm for sorting strings.
2010-10-01Added link to export and save data to CSV file to all charts, in co-operation with IceCold3000.
2010-08-25Data from EntropiaBay has been integrated with Entropedia. Charts now show the average of PEAuction and EntropiaBay (if data is available). User data will always overwrite this average, but you can always see the individual data from PEAuction and EntropiaBay in the tooltip by hovering over the markup cell. The infopages show all the data including a graph of the last 50 sales provided by EntropiaBay.
2010-07-24Added text zoom levels to the Maps. Also added tile caching, should decrease the load time of the maps.
2010-07-23Maps can now be resized up to 1000x1000.
2010-05-30Added a couple of backgrounds and styles. See the account page. Also fixed some issues with the WYSIWYG editor.
2010-05-24Added new category "Mission location" to the maps.

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