Guides:Entropia Universe Player vs Players Beginners Guide


By Letum Mr Latro


1. Chapter One: Welcome to Entropia PVP
2. Chapter Two: PVP Locations
    2.1 Non-Loot-able PVP Areas.
    2.2 Loot-able PVP Areas
    2.3 Links to PVP locations.
3. Chapter Three: PVP Gear
    3.1 Limited Weapons
    3.2 Looted Limited PVP Weapons
    3.3 Melee weapons
    3.4 Rocket Lunchers and Grenade Lunchers
    3.5 PVP Armors
    3.6 PVP Weapon AMP's
4. Chapter Four: PVP Skills
    4.1 Phase Two PVP Weapons
    4.2 Phase Three Health
    4.3 Phase Four Paramedic
5. Chapter Five: PVP Tactics
    5.1 Non-Lootable
    5.2 Loot-able PVP areas
    5.3 Running Around In PVP Areas.
    5.4 Hiding in PVP areas:
    5.5 Hiding in Trees
    5.6 Teleporting around PVP
6. Conclusion



Chapter One: Welcome to Entropia PVP


Welcome to Entropia Universe, I am Letum Mr Latro Known as A.K.A The Infamous Letum. I have been PVPing (Player vs. Player) in EU for 5 years now as a newbie. Yes newbies can PVP to in EU and do not need to be Wannabe Demigods (Ubers) at all. You can kill Ubers with one shot with a critical hit and there is ways to get critical hits more often as well. If you can kill Ubers as a newbie then you can kill a lot of miners and hunters too in EU and this guide will teach you just how to go about doing this in the cheapest way. Think about it Ubers spent Tens of Thousands of dollars to level up their avatars thinking they would be the best when some newbie can now blast them in just one to two shots. I have saved a lot of money just playing the game as a newbie and just love it when I kill a Ubers and hear them cry about it. Most Ubers in EU do not PVP anyways most of them are just hunters or asked to be PVP Care-bear Police what means more loot for us PVPers.


Player vs. Player is just fun and I mean very fun and rewarding as well. So you are thinking rewarding? Yes PVP is very rewarding. When you become a PVP hunter in toxic areas you can loot other players for all their stackable loot and on average this can run from 10 PED to 50 PED or more no joke once you find and kill that other player.


How fun is PVP? PVP is a lot of fun from killing players with loot or killing players for no loot it does not matter it is just plane fun. 


In this guide I will cover PVP locations, gear. skills, and tactics and more. The goal here is to get you killing other players for fun and profits at phases you can afford to PVP in EU, So lets get started.



Chapter Two: PVP Locations


There is a lot of non-loot-able pvp in EU on Amethera and there is just two loot-able pvp areas so far in EU. 


Non-Loot-able PVP Areas.


Amethera has a lot of non-lootable pvp areas between land areas. This is a very fun place to try to get a Killing Spree Hall of Fame Global or a All Time High. It is very fun to run around from TP to TP and finding miners and hunters trying to run to land areas to save them some ME so they do not need to TP to land areas. This means they are free game to shoot and they do not think you will shoot them because 98% of the players do not like PVP what makes it 110% more fun to kill them. Most of them you shoot are trying to run away from you making them easy victims for a shot in the back. Most just try to keep running away like running will save them. Very fun to kill and very good Skills too off of them so not all is lost when pvping in non-lootable areas.


Loot-able PVP Areas


There is only two loot-able PVP areas in EU. PVP4 and PVP3. PVP3 and 4 are dead with traffic and are very slow and takes a lot a patients to hunt players there but can be rewarding if you use good avoiding tactics with good hunting tactics. PVP3 you will have a hard time to find anyone there but the miners you do find will be fat because they do not think they will see a pvper in the slow PVP3 area. PVP3 is smaller then PVP4 and easier to cover all the ground fast to see if someone is in the zone. 


PVP4 there is a bit more traffic here and some more hunters and miners but still hard to find them being there is just not too many going into the loot-able PVP zones. In PVP4 you will find it to be a bit bigger and more running to do or more waiting on a stakeout. 


Links to PVP locations.


Chapter Three: PVP Gear


So you need gear to pvp right well thanks to Mindark you can be a newbie uber too now with Limited weapons and limited armors.


Only use limited gear for pvp. Why? you ask. Unlimited items cost too much and are artificially inflated for item traders to make money and you will not have the skills to use them. It can cost up to $30,000 USD or more just to max a ML35 to make it 10/10 to skill it up to 10 critical hit and 10 in hit. unlimited armor forget about it why would you pay $10,000 USD or more for unlimited armor when you do not get shot all that much in pvp. Most pvp fights are over in seconds. You are better off just buying the skills to unlock Limited weapons and enjoying the game more by killing miners and hunters.


It is not worth it when there is better limited pvp weapons and armor to use.


Limited Weapons


Ok what Limited weapons do I use for PVP?


There is two types of Limited weapons you can use

Crafted Limited weapons and armors 

Looted Limited weapons and armors


Crafted weapons are good because they let you get into the next more powerful weapon when there is no loot-able ones when you are skilled to use them. 


1. GeoTrek AL29 Felis (L)

2 GeoTrek AL26 Serpentis (L)

3 GeoTrek H33 Uti (L)

4 GeoTrek H30 Illum (L)

5 GeoTrek H49 Poros (L)

6 GeoTrek AL24 Scorpius (L)

7 Geotrek LP525 Geke (L)

8 GeoTrek AL22 Lupus (L)

9 GeoTrek AL21 Canis (L)

10 GeoTrek H46 Menes (L)

11 GeoTrek H28 Hokipus (L)

12 GeoTrek AL17 Auriga (L)

13 GeoTrek H27 Vilitus (L)

14 GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L)

15 GeoTrek H26 Elima (L)

16 GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L)

17 GeoTrek H45 Ortso (L)

18 GeoTrek H25 Mikus (L)

19 GeoTrek H23 Crista (L)

20 GeoTrek H41 Mina

21 GeoTrek H41 Mina (L)

22 GeoTrek LP470 Manis (L)

23 GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L)

24 GeoTrek H40 Brody

25 GeoTrek H40 Brody 

26 GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L)

27 GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus

28 GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L)


Weapons Chart


Looted Limited PVP Weapons



1 Isis LR66 (L)

2 Isis LR65 (L)

3 Isis LR63 (L)

4 Isis LR59 (L)

5 Isis LR53 (L) Modified

6 Isis LR53 (L) Improved

7 Isis LR53 (L)

8 Isis LR53 (L) Adjusted

9 Isis LR48 (L) 

10 Isis LR41 (L)

11 Isis LR32 (L) Modified

12 Isis LR32 (L) Improved

13 Isis LR32 (L)

14 Isis LR32 (L) Adjusted



1 Isis CB29 (L)

2 Isis CB28 (L)

3 Isis CB26 (L)

5 Isis CB24 (L)

6 Isis CB21 (L)

7 Isis CB19 (L)

8 Isis CB13 (L)

9 Isis CB5 (L)


Melee weapons


Melee weapons are good too for PVP and can be used in close corder combat. Melee weapons do not work on all armors but do very well on others. Infiltrator is one of the armors a Melee weapon will cut through like butter. Long swords seem to work the best in pvp. You can start off with one that is unlimited here is a list of Melee swords that are good in my book for PVP. 


Unlimited Melee Longblades:


1. Katsuichi Pride

2. Katsuichi Determination

3. Katsuichi Valor

4. Katsuichi Honor


Limited Melee Longblades:


1. Nano Dai-Katana (L)

2. Nano Katana (L)


Genesis series is good to but requires a lot of skill to unlock them to use. They are slower at hitting but hit hard for a lot of damage.



Rocket Lunchers and Grenade Lunchers


Rocket Lunchers can be used in PVP to. I do not care for them because they are not as accurate as a LR, CB and Sniper Rifles but some use them. Some of them need a lot of skill to use them. They can be used to throw off the other PVPers vision that is shooting at you because it makes their screen jump around like a bomb just went off and your screen start shaking. There is a trick though to keep your aim on they player you are shooting at that is sending rockets at you just do not move your mouse when you have a lock on them and just keep shooting even if your screen is jumping around like crazy because the rocket does not throw off your aim just your vision. Rockets are good to use on players that have bad armor for pvp and does not work well on good pvp armors like Hermes and Infiltrator and more. 


Grenade Lunchers can be used too for PVP as well and are good for shooting a grenade over a hill top to the other side to try to get the first hit on the other player without seeing them, do to the arching motion you can create when shooting grenades. They can do a lot of damage but you need to be fast to change back to your other weapons to try to get a good aim on the player to finish them off. Very good tactic but requires some luck and a lot of practice.



Sniper Rifle is the only Unlimited weapon you will need for PVP.

Note: that there is no good Limited Sniper Rifles out yet

so you can use the ones below for now.


1 Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

2 Marber Foxtrot-Type Plasma Annihilator Mentor Ed.

3 Marber Foxtrot-Type Plasma Annihilator

4 Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator

5 Marber Echo-Type Plasma Annihilator Mentor Ed.

6 Marber Echo-Type Plasma Annihilator


So there is your main work horses the Carbines, Rifles and Sniper Rifles. Each one has it's own special way of using them. You need to know what weapon to use on Armors you see that other players are using in PVP areas, like CB's will cut up Salamander Armor very well. So you would not use a LR on Salamander Armor so it is good to be Skilled in BLP and Laser.


PVP Armors


You need to go with 100% Limited armors they are cheaper then unlimited armor and when hit they give you 100% max protection. Only use Limited plating too for 100% max protection as well.


PVP Limited Armors:


1. Infiltrator (L)

2. Supremacy (L)

3. Shadow (L)

4. Eon (L)

5. Hermes (L)

6. Tiger (L)

7. Boar (L)

8. Jaguar (L)

9. Angel (L)

10. Spartacus (L)

11. Martial (L)

12. Polaris (L)

And so on...


Note: There is a lot of armors just need to find that one that works for you and what you can afford. No need for armor at all if you can out damage them and not get hit good to have dodge skill too if you can afford it.



PVP Armor Plating

1. 3E (L)

2. 7A (L)


Note: Armor Plating last forever in PVP good to own a full set.



PVP Weapon AMP's


Only Buy Limited AMPs and the best and biggest ones you can afford. Again Amps will last you a long time in PVP. My Pro 600's lasted for one year and all I do is live in PVP areas all the time. Hunting to me is a loss from the start, So I just hunt players and I make profit killing other players and taking their loot. Once I chipped in and geared up it only takes me 10 ped to make 100 ped, so as you can see there is a profit of 1000%. My avatar is not here for the money just for pvp, but the ped adds adrenaline what is good for pvpers because it is a rush to PVP in EU. I have heard many players saying how their hands were shaking after meeting someone in a PVP area in EU. That there says a lot about the PVP in EU and not many if any other MMORPG's offer this unique experience. So in a way Letum shakes a lot of hands lol.


PVP Armor is very important and it is good to keep two sets of what PVP you armor you like the best so when one limited part breaks and that is not very often. Note: Do not Hunt in your PVP armor. It is rare and hard to find at times and should only be used for PVP. Same goes for PVP limited weapons DO NOT HUNT with them. The reason is they will last you months if not years if you only pvp with them. you can carry cheaper Mob hunting gear with you and change them out on the fly with hot keys.


It is worth the investment to buy good pvp limited gear.

Do not buy weapons you are not 10 of 10 on. Chip in the skill to unlock it then use it. You will never know when you will need that critical hit. No one can out fap a killing critical hit.



Chapter Four: PVP Skills


Only skills you will need here is the skills it takes to unlock the next limited gun like the next LR, GeoTrek and CB. 


There is tools you can use for this the Chipping Optimizer Tool 

Chipping Optimizer Tool


This tool will let you scan all your skills and look at them and see what size chip you need to unlock the next gun. Very easy to use once you do it the first time.


Note any gun will kill an avatar just need to catch them with their pants down. 


I chipped my avatar in phases to test the armors and weapons in stages.


Here is the phases I used


Phase One Armor

Armor does not need skill to use so this was my first investment. I love the Hermes it has good all around protection and last forever. If you can not afford a full set just yet you can make a mix armor what I call a hybrid mix. Some times you just can not find a part and will need to trade it out with some other part what you can later on sell when you do find the part you are looking for. Remember there is very little decay in PVP so your gear will stay new for a very long time just DO NOT HUNT IN PVP GEAR!.


Phase Two PVP Weapons


Ok now it is time to chip in to make your head FAT. Note when chipping in to unlock a limited weapons to use you need to chip in two parts. First part is HIT the other is DAMAGE. Chip in damage first so you can kill other players fast and chip in the hit later on if you can not afford to chip in HIT and Damage at the same time to unlock the weapon. It is important to work you way up to a one shot kill avatar. When you shoot you need that shot to hurt them fast and make them go for the med kit the FAP. Better to have them Fapping then shooting back at you.



Phase Three Health


Time to chip in and get buff. Health is great armor no armor decay here just pure Health. Not many of the Ubers in EU can handle a 250 crit hit from your Limited weapon and they die in one hit so armor mixed with high health good to have. Only chip in skills that load you up on health here. 



HP Skill increases


1 Handgun

2 Combat Reflexes

3 Weapons Handling

4 Rifle Combat

5 Perception

6 Serendipity

7 Surveying

8 Drilling 

9 Prospecting

10 Mining

11 Commando

12 Courage

13 Coolness

14 Melee Combat 

15 Athletics

16 Combat Sense

17 Dexterity


Note: It is good to use the Chipping Optimizer Tool to find out what is the next hidden skill to unlock. When you unlock a new skill you can chip in a big chip to this new skill that will give you a big boost in many other skills. Good to unlock as many skills as you can afford to when chip skilling up.


Note: When chipping in you will not gain in agility and your agility will stay low and some may make fun of your low agility. I will tell you agility does not matter in PVP look at my ATH of 112 killing spree. I kill them with my Merber if they try to out run me. Good to have a good sniper rifle for the ones that think agility is important to them. Agility will not save you if a pvper is in range of you and you can not out run a shot fired from a gun. No one in EU is superman.


One thing I like to do is try to make all my skills level like all health skills to 5000 and etc. You can take this in stages like 1000,2000,3000,4000 and on. We will call this Even Level Skill Chipping. It is nice to have your skills at even levels because they all seem to go up at the same time and they all pop over to the new level at the same time too. This helps on unlocking new gear.



Phase Four Paramedic


This is the last skill to chip in. Paramedic is a lame way to stay alive in PVP but there are some that just can not PVP without a FAP and train up to UR125 or higher to stay alive in pvp areas. Maybe someday EU will disable this SPAM FAPPING from EU but it is here for now and can be used in PVP. It is like potion spamming in like other MMORPG's. Chipping into this skill is the best and fastest way to go to get this skill up fast. Same thing try to unlock as many skills in Paramedic to chip in other skills to unlock Faps there is a lot of faps in EU and you can chip in thousands of USD to try to unlock them. I pick this as the last thing to chip in because I feel it is a care-bear way to try to stay alive in PVP areas and should be removed there is no healing in real combat. I have seen some pvper use faps as their main tactic to stay alive in PVP Areas so more damage per second is better in my book. 




Chapter Five: PVP Tactics


There is two types of PVP in EU. One is loot-able and non-lootable.




This is a lot of fun to just run around in EU and shoot avatars in the back. It is so mush fun to see what they say and do after you just murdered them. Remember about 98% of avatars in EU are care-bears and hate PVP so it makes it a blast to kill them because they just do not expect it or see it coming. Many will cry about this and try to get you banned from EU but Mindark makes the pvp areas for them to get shot in and Mindark does not mind if you shoot them in the back so KILL KILL KILL and enjoy the crying sounds they make when you do it. Only thing Mindark cares about is that you do not break the rules and name calling is one of the no no rules in EU. I asked Mindark to see how they feel about my Murdering ways in EU and this is what they told me. "That is what PVP areas are for, so as long as you stick to the EULA you are allowed to PVP as much as you want. Kind regards, Entropia Universe Support" So just shoot and kill but be silent and deadly. I got my first ATH this way was a lot of fun took 7 hours to hunt down 112 avatars and murder them in a Killing Spree until the EU software crashed on me, lot of fun highly recommend it. Remember it is a Killing Spree and does not matter how you kill them just kill them all. Just try to not kill the same one over and over because you do not get credit for killing the same player over and over, but if you are unsure if you killed them then you must kill them to make sure you got their number.


I will not give away my tactics here because I plan on getting more ATH's soon. It is a lot of fun you will have the EU care-bears running around in EU looking for you but if you are smart you just sneak up on them and BANG! try it you will love it.


Non-lootable pvp areas all around Amathera are great to learn pvp. Skills is one thing but killing avatars is the only way to learn the skills you can not chip in and you can not learn them in the ring only in big pvp areas. More you kill the better you will get.



Loot-able PVP areas


PVP3 and 4 well this is a good place to make some PEDS. You can hunt miners running around the area hiding in mountains hiding in trees or bushes or just TPing around the area and hoping to land on or close to a miner or hunter.



Running Around In PVP Areas.


Running in loot-able areas is fun and does not have any decay. It will cost you 1 toxic shot to enter the zone what is 5 PED. Remember you are looking for miners and hunters not pvpers so try to avoid pvper at all costs they do not carry any loot. Start your run and look for a Green Dot (GD) most of the time the guy will run away from you making them only shootable with a Marber Snipper Rifle. If they are trying to TP out Shoot them to disrupt their TP charge up then see if you are in LR or CB range then cap them and enjoy their loot you are to TP out of the zone fast with the loot. Use a lesser TP chip to get out of the zone charges faster or look for a uber mob that will kill you in just a few hits. Put all your armor on hot keys so you can take off your armor fast to die. Put their Items on auction or TT them it is up to you. Now your Ped card is fatter.



Hiding in PVP areas:


I love to sniper avatars from on top of a mountain it is a lot of fun to use your Marber and then let them get closer to you to use your LR on them at the base of the mountain. This is a good way to kill Ubers because you can hide in the mountains where they can not see you and you can see them and shoot them. If you see a miner on the edge of your radar you can run down the mountain to go shoot them and you will run down the mountain very fast too so you are in Marber range in no time. Good thing here to is that you can avoid avatars that are hunting you because you can just TP away from them from on top of the mountain.


Hiding in Trees


Trees can give you good concealment they can not shoot what they can not see. This is a good tactic for CB's Rifles just stand in the tree and wait for the pvper to run up to you and open up on them. Works well and is a good defense for miners too.


Teleporting around PVP


This works very well. There is a lot of ways for miners and hunters to avoid you in pvp like running to mobs to die or killing them selfs and many care-bear tactics to avoid pvpers in PVP areas. But when you TP in right next to them it is all over for them just flip out that LR and one shot kill them because over 90% of miners run around in pvp with no armor making them very easy to kill. They do not wear armor because they are hoping to see you on their radar and run to a mob to die but not when you TP right in on top of them.


Surprise in combat will give you the upper hand for sure. There is ways to TP around PVP areas to make your searches more affective too. I will not tell all my tactics for TP PVP Hunting here. I am sure you will find some miners with it and let me tell you this is how I make the BIG PEDs in PVP areas catching miners with their pants down. Love it thanks for the thousands of PED they all went to my head lol.






Well I think this is all I will add to this for now, but I feel this will help someone out that is starting out in EU and would like to be a Player Killer (PK) and not a care-bear. Most players I have took out in to pvp areas that just hunted in EU enjoyed it many told me it was the most fun they had in EU in all the years they played EU and they were finely making money in EU. There is a lot of hunters and miners in EU but not a lot of PKers. More fun and loot for us Pkers then lol. 


Enjoy the game because it is just going to get better some of the new planets coming will have pvp too. 


Hope to see you in PVP areas in EU. If you see me you better go for your guns because I am coming to kill you not to give you a care-bears hug. 


Run backwards if you do not like being shot in the back.


Respectfully Hunting You,

The Infamous Letum Latro


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