Vehicle: Vega Class Privateer
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Transport Vessel
Weight:13.2 kg
Spawned Weight:800000 kg
Fuel Type:Oil
Fuel Consumption (A):1.25 Oil/km
Max.TT:24 PED
Engine Power:1631.5 HP
Max Speed:35 km/h
Stab:12 HP
Cut:13 HP
Impact:13 HP
Burn:11 HP
Penetration:10 HP
Shrapnel:9 HP
Cold:8 HP
Acid:8 HP
Electric:10 HP



The Vega Class Privateer is a mid-sized
transport vessel.Not quite as prominent as a full scale mothership but
where the privateer lacks in raw power it gains in agility and
Definitely a preferable choice if wanting to travel without drawing too much attention.

Class Privateer currently one of two warp capable space ships in
Entropia Universe. The Vega Class has two repair points - Reactor and
Propulsion, six (6) guns placed in a way that cover whole surrounding of
the ship, does not have a hangar (like the Mothership).
just like a Mothership, cannot be taken to inventory. Instead it works
just like an apartment - it has a deed and it always stays present in
game where it was left.

On planet Calypso there are 68 hangars
(+1 on Medusa Head). When MindArk introduced space they gave each hangar
owner a Privateer and an Unlimited Space Thruster. Currently each item
is separate - Hangar Deed, Privateer Deed and the UL Space Thruster and
can be obtained individually.


Entering and Leaving


There are four ways to enter the ship.
While ship is docked at a space station (inside the safe non-pvp zone)
the ship will show up as a possible destination in the teleporter.

2) By flying close to the ship and using the Operate action (ie. double click or right-click and choose Operate)

3) By being summoned by the owner of the ship


4) If you left the ship and died in space you will respawn back on the ship near revive terminal.




You can leave a Privateer only in three ways:
If the ship is docked at space station (inside the safe non-pvp zone)
you can use the Privateer - Teleporter terminal and the station will
show up as a potential destination.
Note: there is a known glitch when the station does not show up. Relogging or using the pilot/gunner seat fixes this.

If the ship is blown up you will be respawned on nearest space station,
that is unless you cancel the 10sec timer and wait for the ship to
respawn and then reactivate your own respawn (hit T)


You are removed from guest list by the owner of the ship or you remove
yourself from it by using the Guest List Terminal - this will kick you
out of the ship, after a moment you'll die and respawn at the nearest
space station.




Layout of the Ship


Vega Class Privateer has 3 decks connected via stairs. It is rather
small and tight - especially compared to Aniara Class Mothership, this
however makes it very easy to maintain for a small group or even a
single avatar.
The lower deck contains two repair points - Reactor
and Propulsion, Ship Refueling Station and Structural Integrity Upgrade
The repair points are located next to each other and to
switch between them during repairs usually means just turning avatar by
180 degree making it very easy to maintain during combat.

middle deck is where you spawn when entering the ship. It contains the
Trade Terminal, Repair Terminal, Revive Terminal, Guest List Terminal,
Teleporter Terminal and Engineering Terminal.
This area seems to be the crew deck, it contains a table with some chairs, kitchen, three (3) beds.

Upper area contains four (4) gunner seats and short stairs extending to additional two (2) gunner seats and the pilot seat.
Privateer does not have a copilot seat (like Mothership).



Privateer has following terminals on board available to all guests:
Trade Terminal [IMAGE NEEDED
Repair Terminal [IMAGE NEEDED
Teleporter Terminal [IMAGE NEEDED
Guest List Terminal [IMAGE NEEDED
Revive Terminal [IMAGE NEEDED]


Engineering Terminal and Ship Components

Privateer just like the Mothership needs several components to operate.
Engineering Terminal is the same as on Mothership and has a total of seven slots.
that claiming the ship erases all components. This is a known bug and
MindArk can recover these items for you if you raise the ticket.
Although it is recommended to ask seller of the ship to remove the
components before selling the ship.
The components can be added and removed from the Engineering Terminal without causing any decay.
Only four types of components are known to exist to date:
Energy Source I (L)
Sub-Warp Drive I (L)
Armaments I (L)
Warp Drive I - IV (L)

Source provides energy for whole ship. Without it ship is non
operational. Currently Energy Source I (L) does not decay. TT value is:


Drive is needed if you want to pilot the ship. Without it the ship will
not move. Currently Sub-Warp Drive I (L) does not decay. TT value is:


enable the gunner seats. Currently only Armaments I (L) are available
which unlock only two out of six guns. Currently Armaments I (L) does
not decay. TT value is:


Warp Drive enables very
fast travel across Entropia Universe space. To get anywhere from
anywhere using warp drive will take less than a minute. Level of the
Warp Drive only affects how resistant it is to Warp Mines (note: warp
mines do not work currently). All Warp Drives have TT value of 150 PED
and decay 3 PED after successful warp (aborted warp does not decay the




Fueling the Ship

Privateer consumes 1.25 Oil units per 1AU. To add Oil to the ship drag
and drop Oil to the Ship Refueling Station in the lower deck. Note: You
cannot extract the fuel from Privateer, and the Oil is also lost when
transferring the ship to new owner.


Repairing the Structural Integrity (SI)







The ship can take damage from NPCs and other players shooting at it.
Depending where the ship is hit the damage is applied to either of two
repair points - Reactor or Propulsion. NPCs spread out the damage
randomly regardless of their position relative to the ship.
To repair
the ship you need RK-5 (L) or RK-20 (L) tool and Welding Wire. Equip
the tool and aim it at one of the repair points and use it.
It is
recommended for any serious crew member to get to level 25 of Vehicle
Structural Engineering profession to be able to use RK-20 which repairs
three times as much per use than RK-5.
Note that during combat it is enough to bring SI of one of the repair points to 0 to blow up the ship.




Upgrading Structural Integrity

ship originally comes with Structural Integrity of 500 points per
repair point (1000 total). This on itself is very tiny (ie. Quad-Wing
has 1200 SI).
Anyone on the ship can upgrade its Structural Integrity
by dropping one of the accepted Ingots into the Structural Integrity
Upgrade Terminal on the lower deck.
Note that the amount of SI gained
per ingot depends on the Vehicle Structural Engineer profession level.
Also, currently Gold Ingots give twice as much SI per TT value compared
to other accepted Ingots.
SI Upgrade is permanent and persists through change of ownership. It does not change the TT value of the ship deed however.
Accepted Ingots:




Piloting (Sub-Warp Speed)



In order to pilot a ship you need to either be owner of it or have the pilot rights set by the owner on the guest list.


operates just like any other ship in space. Strafe left and right (A
and D) perform roll to left and right, Turn Left and Right actions
perform strafing to left and right. Shift and Control buttons move the
ship up and down respectively. To control the ship direction change to
mouse look mode (SPACE). To move forward press W and D to move backward.
Privateer has twice the maneuverability compared to Mothership, but still its quite sluggish compared to a Quad Wing.
drive of the same level will provide same speed on Privateer as on
Mothership, although the privateer will accelerate to the maximum speed





The Space in Entropia Universe is a lootable PVP zone except few small areas around
Space Stations. Privateer, just like a Mothership, can dock by moving
into close proximity of the Space Station. You will notice the PVP icon
under the minimap turning yellow from red and you will see message on
the center of the screen saying "Spacecraft Docked".





Privateer has six(6) guns seats, with Armaments I (currently only level
available) only two of them can be used at any given time.
Guns layout is as follows: [IMAGE NEEDED
In order to use the gunner seat you need to have gunner rights in the guest list of the ship, or be owner of the ship.
guns deal approx 150-300 damage and burn 7437 (CONFIRM) Weapon Cells
(around 0.74PED) per shot. It is unknown at this stage if the damage or
cost per shot will increase with higher levels of Armaments. Hopefully
they will unlock concurrent use of more seats.





order to warp a ship needs to be equipped with a Warp Drive. After each
successful warp the drive decays 3 PEDs TT which allows it to be used
up to 50 times. Warp Drives I to IV exist now. They all decay at the
same rate and only difference between them is their resistance vs Warp
Note Warp Mines are non functional right now, so using anything greater than Warp Drive I is pointless and costs more.
order to warp the ship needs to be cleared from any Space Station
nearby. If you attempt to warp too close you will get a message saying
that you cannot warp so close to a Space station.


Once cleared, use the Wapr Speed action
. This will open up a map, just like with teleporter chip but with
unlimited range. Click at your destination and then the Warp button
below the map

The warp sequence will initiate which takes 30sec
during which if you shoot or get shot at it will be aborted. After 30sec
the ship will enter warp speed.
The distance that needs to be
traveled does affect the duration of the warp, but even when flying
across the map it takes very short time (about 30sec).
If you click
on a space station safe zone when selecting the warp target you will
leave the warp outside the safe zone - within 10-20sec range.
The station seems to usually end up behind the ship, although it seems to be random.



The Guest List


The guest list looks and operates exactly the same as for any other vehicle
(ie. a Quad-Wing or Hoverpod). To enter a ship you either have to own
or hold the deed of the ship in your inventory or you need to be added
by the owner to the guest list.
The owner can add guests to guest list from his friends list or from a team by dragging the avatars to the guest list window.







owner of the ship can summon guests to the ship. Summoning only works
when the ship is safely docked at a planetary space station.
does not work for someone in sub-area, such like Hell, Ancient Greece,
Beacon mission. Summoning works for Crystal Palace and FOMA, but only if
the ship is docked at these locations, not from Calypso Space Station
When the owner uses the Summon action everyone on the planet
below the space station and on the station itself will receive a
summoning window.


If accepted the avatar will be teleported straight on board of the ship.




Skills and Professions You Will Get


.. as a pilot
.. as a gunner
.. as a repair crew



How to get a Privateer


is a finite amount of privateers. The owners of hangars before the
space was introduced got one each. Since then a lot of them changed
Ask on forums, keep an eye on the Calypso Auction.



Purchasing a Privateer


Privateer just like a Mothership has a deed. In order to change ownership the deed needs to be given to someone else.




Finding your new Privateer


you have the deed in your inventory, the privateer will show up as an
icon H on the space map. You can right-click on that icon and set a
waypoint which will make it easier to locate. If the ship is docked at a
space station, visit that space station and teleport straight on board
of your ship (useful on overcrowded Calypso).
Remember to claim your ship!



Claiming your Privateer


claim your new ship use the guest list. Claiming a ship clears the
guest list, and also any components that are installed and oil in the
tank(this is a bug!). The Structural Integrity persists the claiming.



List of Privateer Owners


Pathfinder XXIX - Gallyon Luckycharm Sundstrand

Starfinder XV - Kri Kri Azgard
Starfinder XIV - Xander Zan Catman, The Knights of Entropia

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