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Owner:Merlin Merzhin LeSage
Found On:Planet Arkadia

Fabrication et Vente de Textures

Textures Craft 'n Sale


Material Manufactturer : Capable, 20.60


La majorité de mon stock est sur Arkadia.

Most of my stock is on Arkadia.


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TypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
MaterialAarkan Texture     1ResetDelete
MaterialAqeeq Texture     1ResetDelete
MaterialArkace Texture     -5ResetDelete
MaterialArkadian Hornet Leather Texture     1ResetDelete
MaterialBlue Crystal Texture     1ResetDelete
MaterialBrukite Stone Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialCarabok Leather Texture     -3ResetDelete
MaterialCorria Texture     14ResetDelete
Material Dahhar Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialDromia Leather Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialFeran Leather Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialGallard Leather Texture     -6ResetDelete
MaterialGeneric Leather Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialHadraada Leather Texture     14ResetDelete
MaterialHalix Leather Texture     -6ResetDelete
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