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Type:Storage Shop
Owner:Merlin Merzhin LeSage
Univers Sale's
le magasin sans murs -- the shop without walls


Contactez moi dans le jeu, par email ou message privé...

Contact me in-game, via email or private message...

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Items in this shop. Items that are not updated for more than 60 days will automatically be removed. You can reset the expiration period by clicking on the "Update" linkbutton.

TypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
MaterialAakas TextureStorage ArkaDia63.15 105.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAarkan TextureStorage ArkaDia23236.54 105.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAcid RootStorage Toulan103.2  57ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Cloth ExtractorStorage Arkadia620.68 110.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Leather ExtractorStorage Toulan140.14  57ResetDelete
MaterialStorage Arkadia5656.1 108.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Metal ExtractorStorage Arkadia120.34 280.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Mineral ExtractorStorage Arkadia1492.98 200.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Stone ExtractorStorage Arkadia160.17 105.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Wood ExtractorStorage Arkadia1842.76 150.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAnimal Eye OilStorage Toulan271.35  57ResetDelete
MaterialAqeeq TextureStorage Toulan18114.48  57ResetDelete
MaterialArkace TextureStorage ArkaDia1184.96 105.0057ResetDelete
MaterialArkadian Hornet Leather TextureStorage ArkaDia2514.27 170.0057ResetDelete
MaterialAzur PearlsStorage Toulan21.92  57ResetDelete
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