Shop: Gally's Place
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Owner:Gallyon Luckycharm Sundstrand
Estate Area:Cthylla Towers
Found On:Monria

Located on Monria, Cthylla Towers - Shop 6 (on the same floor as the TP; 30m south of it).


You can fly here in a quad coming from calypso in a few minutes (relog at early server border if in a rush) and even take the tp down back to calypso from monria (not it's SS) for 7 ped.


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TypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
FinderA.R.C. Finder 0001 (L) 10.1 1120.00-327ResetDelete
Weapon AttachmentAbrer Laser Sight 124.089.21 -177ResetDelete
Weapon Attachment 136.369.21 -23ResetDelete
Weapon Attachment 137.79.21 -177ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Cloth Extractor 5005 130.6052ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Leather Extractor 5005 120.40-302ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Mineral Extractor 5525.52 192.75-296ResetDelete
MaterialAdvanced Wood Extractor 9719.71 157.98-151ResetDelete
MaterialAlien Acid 20.68 1304.41-140ResetDelete
MaterialAlternative Ingot 7000210 124.38-57ResetDelete
Skill Implant Analysis Skill Implant (L)In Shopkeeper15.24 2052.64-55ResetDelete
BlueprintAngle Blueprint (L) 10.48 2447.92-117ResetDelete
Misc. ToolAnimal Brush Advanced (L) 1130.8 120.36-327ResetDelete
Skill Implant Animal Lore Skill Implant (L) 12.65 2642.58-28ResetDelete
MaterialAnimal Oil Residue 11875118.75 100.86-83ResetDelete
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