Creature: Carabok
Specifications                  [Edit]
Maturity Class:Animal
Found on:Planet Arkadia
Damage types
Stab:33 %
Cut:33 %
Impact:33 %
HP of least Maturity:10 HP
Scanning:Animal Investigator
Minimum Global level:10 PED
Planet Arkadia
The Carabok is little more than a rodent, and incapable of being any danger to even the least experienced of colonists.

This creature carries zero threat warning according to the Imperial Federal Navy's advice to new colonists.

Carabok are found within Training areas of all Firebase Academies

Misson Chain

IFN Challenge - Carabok Stage 1
Objective:  Kill 100 Carabok
Reward: First Aid (eq. 0.02 PED value)

IFN Challenge - Carabok Stage 2
Objective: Kill 500 Carabok
Reward: Dexterity (eq. 0.28 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Carabok Stage 3
Objective: Kill 1000 Carabok
Reward: Athletics (eq. 0.35 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Carabok Stage 4
Objective: Kill 5000 Carabok
Reward: Carabok Trophy Head and Courage (eq. 1.77 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Carabok Stage 5 
Objective: Kill 10000 Carabok
Reward: Evade (eq. 1.77 PED value)

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelThreatTaming Level
 HPHP/sHP  Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.

ItemFrequencyDropsKillsDrop rateLast VUMarkupMarkupUpdate 
Advanced Stone ExtractorOften4731321.500615.11.4101.92% Last VUEdit
Animal HideVery often46255328.351415.11.4100.21% Last VUEdit
Animal Muscle OilOften33455326.037615.11.4101.17% Last VUEdit
Animal Oil ResidueVery often2257553240.799015.11.4102.23% Last VUEdit
Basic Cloth ExtractorOften3431321.085615.11.4107.61% Last VUEdit
Blazar FragmentOften4755320.849615.11.424312.00% Last VUEdit
BLP PackVery often52555329.490215.11.4  Last VUEdit
Body FatUncommon014300.000015.11.3121.61% Last VUEdit
Carabok HideOften47055328.496015.11.4206.69% Last VUEdit
Carabok Leg FurCommon1016200.617315.11.3  Last VUEdit
Diluted SweatOften00 15.11.4  Last VUEdit
Enhanced Cloth ExtractorOften1314270.911015.11.4124.64% Last VUEdit
Explosive ProjectilesNo longer drops2155320.379615.0.2100.50% Last VUEdit
Fine HideRare031320.000014.9106.90% Last VUEdit
Fine WoolRare031320.000014.0.3101.53% Last VUEdit
     % (M)(F)  
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Where the creature can be found.

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Planet Arkadia308009799CreatureCarabokHigh
Planet Arkadia2048020480CarabokLow
Planet Arkadia2696225227CarabokLow
Planet Arkadia3105815110Carabok PunyMedium

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Defence Skills

The following skills are involved by being attacked by this creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: AgilityNo840
Combat: Combat ReflexesNo111600
Combat: Combat SenseYes6800
Defense: AvoidanceYes70
Defense: EvadeNo250
General: AlertnessNo50
General: AthleticsNo14533.3
General: CourageNo7320
General: IntuitionYes30
General: QuicknessYes90
General: SerendipityYes51600

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Scanning Skills

You get these skills by scanning the creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
General: PerceptionNo51600
Information: ProbingNo60
Information: Scan AnimalNo460
Science: AnalysisNo100
Science: BiologyNo100
Science: BotanyNo80
Science: ComputerNo20
Science: ScientistYes50
Science: XenobiologyYes40
Science: ZoologyNo20

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