Creature: Atrax
Specifications                  [Edit]
Maturity Class:Animal
Found on:Planet Calypso
Damage types
Stab:38 %
Cut:35 %
Impact:27 %
Aggression:V. High
HP of least Maturity:270 HP
Scanning:Animal Investigator

Also known by its more correct scientific name Atraxenosaurus, the teeth and double set of jaws on these vicious xenosaurian carnivores are made for killing and tearing flesh apart. With such a massive bulk they are capable of stalking and striking down prey much larger than themselves. Thankfully, these powerful predators rarely hunt in packs, at least not the grown adults who usually hunt alone or in pairs. Younger and less experienced siblings are known to hunt in small family groups for a period before reaching a mature age. Equipped with sharp night vision, they usually hunt under the cover of night, which is why they're also known by a more sinister nickname - the Dark Dinos.


Although many colonists can take on a prowler, the next step in maturity, the stalker, is an immensely powerful creature that requires very heavy armor and fap to survive an encounter. The atrax stalker could even be considered tougher than it's atrox equivalent due to the atrox hitting less to trade off for the new regen.


Name Meaning

Atrax - means dark, black, gloomy in Latin

Xenosaur - "Xeno" is from Greek meaning "a stranger, strange, without the knowledge of, new, unheard of". "Saur" means lizard in Greek.

Atrax Mission Chain

Starting Location: Nearest City Shinook Jungle
Quest Giver: Iron Challenge Mission Morgan Drell ~(27558,50996)

Iron Challenge: 100 Atrax
Kill 100 Atrax
Aim (eq. 0.35 PED implant) or
Combat Reflexes (eq. 0.35 PED implant) or
Weapons Handling (eq. 0.35 PED implant)
Iron Challenge: 500 Atrax
Kill 500 Atrax
Aim (eq. 1.74 PED implant) or
Combat Reflexes (eq. 1.74 PED implant) or
Weapons Handling (eq. 1.74 PED implant)
Iron Challenge: 1000 Atrax
Kill 1000 Atrax
Reward: : Psyche (10 Tokens) and Aim (eq. 0.93 PED implant) or
Psyche (10 Tokens) and Combat Reflexes (eq. 0.93 PED implant) or
Psyche (10 Tokens) and Weapons Handling (eq. 0.93 PED implant) or
Aim (eq. 3.49 PED implant) or
Combat Reflexes (eq. 3.49 PED implant) or
Weapons Handling (eq. 3.49 PED implant)
Iron Challenge: 5000 Atrax
Kill 5000 Atrax
Reward: : Stamina (50 Tokens) and Aim (eq. 4.63 PED implant) or
Stamina (50 Tokens) and Combat Reflexes (eq. 4.63 PED implant) or
Stamina (50 Tokens) and Weapons Handling (eq. 4.63 PED implant) or
Aim (eq. 17.44 PED implant) or
Combat Reflexes (eq. 17.44 PED implant) or
Weapons Handling (eq. 17.44 PED implant)
Iron Challenge: 10000 Atrax
Kill 10000 Atrax
Reward: Agility (100 Tokens) and Aim (eq. 9.25 PED implant) or
Agility (100 Tokens) and Combat Reflexes (eq. 9.25 PED implant) or
Agility (100 Tokens) and Weapons Handling (eq. 9.25 PED implant) or
Aim (eq. 34.88 PED implant) or
Combat Reflexes (eq. 34.88 PED implant) or
Weapons Handling (eq. 34.88 PED implant)

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Maturity Levels

Attributes of the creature. Damage vs. Armor calculations.

MaturityHealthRegen. SpeedDamageDanger LevelThreatTaming Level
Hatchling140  6  
Dominant560 73154088 
Old Alpha1100 1202313200 
Prowler1430 127 18161 
Stalker2260 2183949268 
Marauder5870  46  
Slayer9620  72  
Queen58000  147  
 HPHP/sHP  Level

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Loots from this creature. The "Last VU" button updates the "Latest VU" column to the current VU. Entries with a red background have not yet been reported to drop this VU. Warning: Some loots may be false.

ItemFrequencyDropsKillsDrop rateLast VUMarkupMarkupUpdate 
A&P Series Hero, SGA Edition AdjustedEvent0700.000010.0.14  Last VUEdit
Advanced Metal ExtractorUncommon0700.000014.4.2790.80% Last VUEdit
Advanced Mineral ExtractorUncommon0700.000012.0.1363.86% Last VUEdit
AmethystRare0700.000012.4.3100.33% Last VUEdit
Animal Adrenal OilCommon0700.000012.4.3100.31% Last VUEdit
Animal Eye OilVery often227031.428614.9100.58% Last VUEdit
Animal HideVery often3704.285715.13.1100.21% Edit
Animal Muscle OilOften00 15.13.1  Edit
Animal Oil ResidueVery often257035.714314.9102.23% Last VUEdit
Animal Pancreas OilUnknown0700.000010.1.1100.81% Last VUEdit
Animal Thyroid OilOften0700.000015.13.0100.58% Last VUEdit
 Arsonistic Chip V (L)Uncommon00 14.6.2  Last VUEdit
Atrax BoneCommon1701.428615.13.1142.37% Edit
Atrax ClawUncommon1701.428615.11.3151.77% Last VUEdit
Atrax EyeExtremely rare0700.00009.2.41862.96% Last VUEdit
     % (M)(F)  
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Where the creature can be found.

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Calypso3668028005CreatureAtrax GuardianLowAmethera LA09
Calypso7501172453Atrax Guardian to ProwlerLow
Calypso5342458776Atrax Guardian to ProwlerLow
Calypso8759284516Atrax Mature to DominantLow
Calypso3683543837Atrax Mature to OldLow
Calypso8310582858Atrax Mature to ProviderLow
Calypso3708435186Atrax Old Alpha to StalkerMediumAmethera Outback Land #04
Calypso8500085000Atrax Old to ProviderLow
Calypso5487760703Atrax Provider to Old AlphaLow
Calypso7422078216Atrax YoungLow
Calypso7347676552Atrax YoungLow
Calypso7358576304Atrax YoungLow
Calypso8113274708Atrax Young to AlphaMedium
Calypso8241381028Atrax Young to AlphaLow
Calypso7329675048Atrax Young to MatureLow
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Defence Skills

The following skills are involved by being attacked by this creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: AgilityNo840
Combat: Combat ReflexesNo111600
Combat: Combat SenseYes6800
Defense: AvoidanceYes70
Defense: EvadeNo250
General: AlertnessNo50
General: AthleticsNo14533.3
General: CourageNo7320
General: IntuitionYes30
General: QuicknessYes90
General: SerendipityYes51600

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Scanning Skills

You get these skills by scanning the creature.

SkillHiddenSkill EffectHP increase
Attributes: IntelligenceNo280
General: PerceptionNo51600
Information: ProbingNo60
Information: Scan AnimalNo460
Science: AnalysisNo100
Science: BiologyNo100
Science: BotanyNo80
Science: ComputerNo20
Science: ScientistYes50
Science: XenobiologyYes40
Science: ZoologyNo20

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