Mission Broker: Professor Hamill
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Name:Professor Hamill
Nearest City:Nus Lull
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NameObjectiveRepeatableRewardNearest CityPlanetRequired MissionAdded
A Sensitive FindInvestigate the suspicious sensor.NoProbing (eq. 0.01 PED implant)Nus LullPlanet CalypsoFertile WatersPlanet Calypso 2013.1
Fertile WatersRetrieve a bag from the storage area in Nus Lull.NoCourage (eq. 0.01 PED implant)Nus LullPlanet CalypsoPlanet Calypso 2013.1
Guardian of the ParanoidPatrol the area surrounding Nus Lull, report any mutant or robot sightings.NoCourage (eq. 0.02 PED implant)Nus LullPlanet CalypsoA Sensitive FindPlanet Calypso 2013.1
Washed UpFind the Captain of the grounded boat.No1 Lysterium StoneNus LullPlanet CalypsoFertile WatersPlanet Calypso 2013.1
Westward JourneyDeliver Professor Hamill's letter.NoFirst Aid (eq. 0.02 PED implant) and 1 Mission TokenNus LullPlanet CalypsoGuardian of the ParanoidPlanet Calypso 2013.1

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