Mission: The Pub Crawl
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Reward:Psyche (1 point)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Nestor Bakshi, Iron Challenge Mission Broker
Nearest City:Fort Fury


The Pub Crawl

There's no beer in Junkyard Bar in Fort Fury. Get a beer from another bar.



  • Talk to bartender in Fort Fury 
  • Talk to bartender in Belk Bar in Zychion
  • Find the bar in Jason Center
  • Talk to bartender in Twin Peaks
  • Find the bar in Atlas Haven
  • Talk to bartender in Fort Ithaca



Nestor Bakshi, Iron Challenge Mission Broker

Mission "Missing piece"


  • Excuse me, where do I get something to drink?
  • Never mind.


If you choose 'Excuse me, where do I get something to drink?":

Just stop over at the bar and ask nicely.



  • Ok.
  • Never mind.



Bartender, Bar (Fort Fury)

Hello there, friend. How can I help you?

  • I'd like a beer, please.

Sorry, mate. We've not had any beer in ages. Something about quarantine or something, and none of the local crops are suitable for brewing. So nobody's doing it.


Tell you what, there's the Belk Bar in Zychion not too far from here. It's hidden among the ruins. They say it's still open, and if it is, they must have beer there. Go there and ask them.


Oh, and if they have any, can you bring some back for me? The customers here are thirsty!

  • Thanks for the hint! Bye!



Zychion Barkeeper, Belk Bar (Zychion Citadel)

Oooh, a customer! Lovely! Please, sir, sir! Sit! I can't have a customer standing here! Eh, not that chair. it's a bit broken. Never mind then, how may I serve you, sir?  <M ava>


Oooh, a customer! Lovely Have a seat, ma'am! Dont mind the light, or rather lack of it.  Its just cozy.  And how may I serve you, ma'am? <F ava>

  • Uh, can I have a beer?

Beer? Beer? Whazzat? Oh, yes, beer! I almost forgot. Beer. No, sir, haven't had a beer shipment in ages. In fact, I haven't had any shipments of any kind in ages. One could think that Zychion, the former capital of Calypso, was just ruins these days. It certainly ruins the business, it does! A-hah!


Now, where was I? Beer! Right. Beer. No, sir, no beer here. Although, if my memory serves me right, there is a bar at Fort Fury.

  • I just came from Fort Fury. There's no beer there either.


"There isn't? How unfortunate, sir. Oh well. There's a bar in Jason Center, I believe. You could try that, sir."


  • Okay, I will try Jason Center. Bye!



Bar sign, Beer  (Jason Center)

There is something written on the sign:


Once here was a little bar

Alas, it is no more

For robots travelled very far

And wouldn't us ignore

Twin Peaks isn't that far from here. Maybe you should try that?

  • Ok.



Twin Peaks ex-bartender,  (Twin Peaks)

Spare some peds for an unemployed bartender, sir?

  • Unemployed?

Yessir! See, this giant War Titan smahed down at Hadesheim, and the shockwave reached all the way here. Knocked the old bar down, beer and everything. Had to evacuate to Exodus, sir, and all the beer was either plundered or spoiled. And without beer and bar, I'm unemployed.

So now I'm here, and since I didn't get one of those fancy Vee-Ess-Ee Mark Ones, I can't even make money from sweating, sir.

  • So there's no beer here?

No, sir! All gone, sir! Not a drop.

  • There wasn't any beer in Jason, Zychion or Fury either.

Terribly sorry to hear that, sir. You could try Atlas Haven. That place emerged almost unscathed. There should be beer there, sir!

  • I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't, but I'll try.

"Bless you, sir! Now, a few peds, perhaps? Sir?



  • ...



Bar sign (Atlas Haven) [cardboard sign: 71670,82318. Directly south of TP.]

"Closed due to lack of beer. Try Ithaca or Jason."  And it's even spelled wrong.


  • Now, where did I hear that story again?



Ithaca Bartender, (Fort Ithaca)

Could you hand me that hammer, please? Thank you.




That should do it. Now, what can do for you?

  • I guess... ther's no beer here?

Nopes. Not until the old bar is rebuilt. Sorry, mate.

  • How long will that be?

Only Lootius knows. I can tell you for sure, work is a lot slower without beer.

  • Oh well, I better go back to Fort Fury then.

Hah! Was it that old geezer in the Junkyard Bar that sent you all the way here? Oh man, I feel so sorry for you. If I had some beer, you'd get one for free. Unfortunately, I don't have any.

  • Awshucks. I hope it's worth waiting for.

So do I, mate. So do I.

  • Bye.






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