Mission: The Fight Club
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Find proof of an illegal pit fight club
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Carl Tucker
Nearest City:Port Atlantis


The Fight Club


Carl Tucker wants to investigate rumors of a supposedly illegal pit fight club.  The new breed of Daikiba used has escaped and is now wreaking havoc on Calypso's ecosystem.

Find concrete proof whether the fight club exists or not and return to Carl  Tucker.



  • Investigate the Fight Club
  • Get a ticket
    • Talk to Jezebel Lexx
    • Complete Jezebel Lexx's mission (Jezebel's Hunt Challenge)
    • or get a ticket by other means
  • Find the Fight Club
    • Travel to Chug's Hideout





  • Kill a Shinkiba in the ring
  • Return to Carl Tucker





Howdy, colonist. Are you looking for a job? Then I may have some for you.

  • Really? What could that be?

You see I've heard rumors of a pit fight club, of sorts.  It pits Colonists against Daikiba to fight to the death.  It's illegal, of course.

Even worse, it seems to be a new breed of Daikiba, and I believe they have escaped and started to push away the natural species.

I want to know where these pit fights are held.

  • Do you have any leads?

I don't know much of the underworld.  I'm a gamekeeper, not a smuggler.  But if anyone knows where to find such perverse things it would be that Jezebel Lexx woman.


  • Okay, I'll check it out.
  • Thanks but no.



If you choose 'Okay, I'll check it out':

I don't know anyone else with any insight into the underworld. You can find Jezebel Lexx at the outpost south of the Oil Rig.  She hides there, most of the time.  Lootius only knows what she does with the Areneatrox.


I left some details in your mission log.

  • Gotcha


Talking to Jezebel Lexx triggers Jezebel's Hunt Challenge mission.


On arrival at Chugs Hideout:

  • Find the Fight Club ring behind the boxes stacked near the teleporter.
  • Shinkiba are spawned in waves. Entering the ring will advise the time of the start of the next wave event.


On return to Carl Tucker:

Good that you're back. Did you find concrete proof that the fight club exists?

  • Yes, it exists.  It's hidden away at Chug's Hideout.

Interesting. Well there's nothing we can do about that right now.  However, I may have another task for you in a little while. Get some rest and do what you have to do, then get back.

  • Okay, see you soon.



This video shows you what to do and where.


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