Mission: Report to Captain Hayes
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Camp Icarus
Objective:Report to Captain Hayes
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Lieutenant Smith
Nearest City:Camp Icarus
Added:Planet Calypso 2012.4


Lieutenant Smith requests that you make yourself known to Captain Hayes, the base commander of Camp Icarus.

  • Report to Captain Hayes

Mission Chain


Lieutenant Smith
I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be warm!

This is Camp Icarus, a CDF outpost located a few clicks east of Port Atlantis. You should make yourself known to Captain Hayes, the base commander. I'm sure someone would like to know that you're still alive
  • Where can I find him?
  • I'd rather be on my way

If you choose 'Where can I find him?':
You will find him at the camp's main building just above the beach. Simply take the televator down to the ground and follow the path.

Safe travels and welcome to Calypso!
  • Thank you, good bye.

On reporting to Captain Hayes: (63230, 74416)
Welcome to Camp Icarus

I'm Captain Hayes and I'm the leader of this camp. Who are you and how can I help you?
  • My name is <Avatar Name> and I just arrived from Thule together with Lieutenant Smith. I'm on my way to Port Atlantis
  • Sorry, I have to go.

If you choose 'My name is....':
Thule!? What on earth were you doing in that god forsaken place?
  • The Mothership I was travelling on was attacked by robot vessels. We had no choice but to abandon ship. My escape pod crashed somewhere in the mountains of Thule and I was badly injured. Luckily enough a team of scientists managed to revive me.
  • Sorry, I don't have time for this.

If you choose 'The Mothership I was travelling on ....':
You were indeed lucky, not many of your fellow passengers survived that dark day. I will make sure that the proper authorities are notified of your status

I'm sure you're looking forward to resuming your journey towards Port Atlantis however we could really use your help here before you go. With the recent robot troubles most of my troops are deployed elsewhere.

What do you say, can you help us?
  • I'd be happy to help out wherever I can.
  • Thanks for the offer but I have to go.

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