Mission: Exploring the swamp
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Explore the swamp
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Explorer David Spellman
Nearest City:Odysseus Landing
Added:Planet Calypso 2011.3

Mission Chain


Explorer David Spellman:

Welcome traveler! We are currently investigating the swamp area and we could use your help.


  • Ok?
  • This sounds fishy, I don't want to work for you

If you choose "Ok?"

There are 5 key location in the swamp that need to be explored, but it is far too dangerous for our scientists. Perhaps you can investigate these locations for us?


  • Sure can!
  • Dangerous? See you later!

If you choose "Sure can!"

Great, report back to me when your investigations are complete.

  • Will do.

The Last Point:

You have explored all the required locations.

  • Return to Odysseus Landing with the results.

On returning to Captain Eric Thompson:

Back already? You're fast! What did you find out?

  • (Hand over the exploration data)

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