Mission: Big Game Hunting
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Trophy Hunt
Objective:Hunt down the Atrax
Reward:Bukin's Blade (0.50 ped TT)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Mr Bukin
Nearest City:Camp Icarus
Required Mission:Once More Into The Wild
Added:Planet Calypso 2012.4


Mr Bukin wants you to hunt down the Atrax roaming north of Camp Icarus. Report back to him once the beast is dead.

  • Hunt down the Atrax
  • Return to Mr Bukin

Mission Chain


Mr Bukin (63229, 74445)
There's a rumor making it's way around the camp that an Atrax has been sighted somewhere in the hills to the north.

This reclusive predator is almost never encountered this close to human settlements. Something must have driven it here, perhaps sickness.

In any case a trophy from an Atrax would be worth a fortune and needless to say, that fortune should be mine. Hunt down the beast and then report back to me so I can send someone to pick up the carcass.
  • Oh the fortune should be yours? This time you better pay up or I'll keep it myself!
  • Forget it! Do I look like dino food to you?

If you choose 'Oh the fortune should be yours?...':
*Bukin pulls out a knife*

See how well balanced it is? It might not look like much but once restored to its former glory it'll be a formidable weapon. It's saved my life on many occasions, do as I ask and it's yours.

Do we have a deal <First Name>?
  • Yes we do
  • No we don't

On return to Mr Bukin after killing Starving Atrax:
Ah <First Name>, did you manage to hunt down the Atrax?
  • Yeah, it's dead alright
  • Hold on

If you choose 'Yeah, it's dead alright':
Great, I'll send a team to recover the carcass right away. Here's that knife I promised you. To tell you the truth it's hard to let it go but with my new found wealth I can buy a new one!

See you around <First Name>.
  • Thank you, good bye

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