Mission: Auctioneer information
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Learn about the Auction
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Port Atlantis Economy Guide
Nearest City:Port Atlantis
Required Mission:Basic economy information


Auctioneer information


Learn about the Auction.



  • Go to the Auctioneer (use the right side one for the mission to update)
  • Return to the Economy Guide




Port Atlantis Economy Guide (Economy Building, PA)

Welcome to the economy building. Here you will find Auctioneers, Technicians and Construction machines.


This lesson is about the Auctioneer.  Why don't you walk up to the Auctioneer and find out more about the Auction ?


  • Okay, I will.
  • No, thanks.



On operating the Auctioneer:

This is an Auctioneer.  There are numerous auctioneers across Calypso.  All of them provide access to the Auction.


The Auction is a market where commodities are traded from one colonist to another.  A colonist can either put objects on the auction to be bought by the highest bidder, or order something to be provided by the lowest bidder.

  • Next: Finding things

You can find things in Auction using the Category browser to the left.  Use the navigation tree to find what you are looking for.


You can also use the Search text box in the Item header of the table to the right.  Enter the name or part of the name you are interested in and press Enter, and any matching objects will be listed.

  • Next: Markup (again)

When you have found an item that you're interested in, you can see the markup of the item.  Remember tha markup reflects the market value of the item, i.e. the value that other colonists place on the item based on supply and demand.


Markup changes over time.  You can see how markup has changed. Select the item and click on the Market Value icon.  A window with markup average for a Day, Week, Month, Year and Decade is shown.  You can also get a graph of how the markup has changed over the selected period.


These are important tools to evaluate the market value of items in auction.

  • Next: Bid and buyout

Under the Offers tab, you can place a bid on an item that has been placed on the Auction.  When you place a bid, you commit money to the bid.  If you lose the bid, you get the money back.


If, when the auction expires, your bid is the highest, you win the auction and the trade is completed.


On some items, there is also the option of buyout.  If you choose such an item an place a buyout bid on it, you get the item immediately.

  • Next: Orders

You can also place an Order under the Orders tab.  You find the item that you're interested in, and place an order for an number of days and a specified quantity for a maximum markup price.


If there' is an item offered at a buyout value lower than the one you specified, it will be purchased immediately.  If someone puts an object on the Auction, the buyout is handled as the offer is entered.

  • Next: Fees

Each time you place an item on the auction, and Auction fee is paid when the item is placed.  If the trade is concluded and the price is higher than the opening bid, an additional commisson will be deducted from the sale price.


Placing and Order will cost 1 PED per day that the order is up.  Again, please note that all trades are final.

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