Mission: The Belly of the Beast (Hadesheim)
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Survey structures at Hadesheim crater
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Colonel Briers
Nearest City:Camp Phoenix
Required Mission:Facing the enemy


The Belly of the Beast


Colonel Briers is really worried about the intel, and he needs some more details.

Investigate the factory and find the crucial details



  • Examine factory in Hadesheim crater
    • Detail 1 (Uplink Tower:62413,84189)
    • Detail 2 (Processing Plant:62255,84243)
    • Detail 3 (Bio-reactor:62330,84381)
    • Detail 4 (Robots parts:62154,84327)


  • Return to Colonel Briers





Colonel Briers, 2nd level Needle Building, Port Atlantis

We're at a bit of a crisis here.  There's a new humanoid hybrid creature on the prowl and a robot factory site at the Hadesheim crater.  It's very probable that there's a line between the two.


What I want you to do, <Avatar Name>, is to infiltrate the factory and learn its purpose.


This is a high-risk mission, but I still have to ask you.  Will you do this ?


  • Yessir!
  • No, Colonel.



If you choose 'Yessir!':

Good.  You can find the navigation data in your mission log, as usual.  Good luck.

  • Thanks.



On finding all locations:

This is definately a production line where robots are manufacturing the humanoid hybrids.  This is bad.  This is real bad!


You better get back to Colonel Briers.  He'll know what to do.

  • (close)

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