Material: Pile Of Garnets
Specifications                  [Edit]
Type:Precious Stones
Value:0.15 PED
Found on:Entropia Universe
EntropiaBay:100.96 %
PEAuction100.29 %
Average:100.625 %

This pile of precious stones can be used in the manufacture of other objects.

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Raw Materials

Raw materials needed to refine to this item.

Raw MaterialAmountFound on
Garnet1/1000Entropia Universe

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Item tierAmountCostCost/MCost/%
 10-Pulse Unit Tier 150.750.75100.6
 10-Pulse Unit Tier 2101.501.51100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved Tier 12339350.85353.04100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved Tier 24679701.85706.24100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.III Tier 17210.8010.87100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.III Tier 214521.7521.89100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier 1466.906.94100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier 29313.9514.04100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition Tier 1716107.40108.07100.6
A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition Tier 21433214.95216.29100.6
A-3 Punisher Mk.II Tier 1142.102.11100.6
A-3 Punisher Mk.II Tier 2294.354.38100.6
A&P Series Brave Mentor Edition Tier 1253.753.77100.6
A&P Series Brave Tier 171.051.06100.6
A&P Series Freedom Tier 1192.852.87100.6
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The item may be found in these shops.

ShopPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
 70's ShopPrice: 8.70507.5 116.00-221ResetDelete

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