Medical Tool: Coover's Personal Nurse
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:6.1 kg
Heal:88 HP
Effective Heal:88 HP
Start Interval:16 HP
Uses:30 /Min
Reload:2.00 sec
Heal/second:44.00 HP
Maximal TT:5000 PED
Minimal TT:150.00 PED
Heals:194001 Total
Decay:2.5 PEC
Cost:2.500 PEC
Heal/PEC:35.20 HP
Maxed:18.77 Levels
Source:Unique Event Prize
Found on:Planet Calypso
This one-of-a-kind medical pack first appeared on Calypso in 2006 following the Entropia Universe avatar look-a-like competition. Specially designed in Old Europe by Alf DeMann, it was awarded to Coover for his achievements in bringing the Earth and her interstellar colonies closer together.

Full ingame name: Coover's Personal Nurse (Legacy of Poltropia)

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