Armor: Grunt
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:14.0 kg
Cut:3 HP
Impact:9 HP
Close:12 HP
Total:12 HP
Set TT:13.2 PED
Source:Looted , Crafted
Found on:ROCKtropia

The Grunt amour is a great armour for new players on ROCKtropia as it gives them added protection. The design is a combination of green, black and white in a camouflage pattern. It is a all-round armour, capable of offering protection at adequate levels to those wearing it. This armour has suitable protection for prospect zombies and other low levels mobs that can be found on ROCKtropia.

Name meaning

Grunt North American informal a low-ranking soldier or unskilled worker: he went from grunt to senior executive vice-president in five years.

Recommend next level Armour.


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The parts of this armor.

NameWeightMax.TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)Found on
Grunt Arm Guards22.1 0.91 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Combat Mask21.450.96 PED0.61 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Foot Guards21.91.27 PED0.36 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Gloves20.8 0.47 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Harness22.9 0.85 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Shin Guards21.950.05 PED0.10 PEDROCKtropia
Grunt Thigh Guards22.1 0.75 PEDROCKtropia

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