Creature Maturity Levels
Attributes of the creatures and Damage vs. Armor calculations. When adding an armor, you will see the average damage and decay by default, based on a 50% to 100% damage interval with a random distriburion. You can change this to Max damage, Min damage and Critical hit in the dropdown menu. Armor decay is explained on the Armor Decay page. Showing 3404 of 3482 items.
General InformationAttributesDamage types
CreatureMaturityHealthRegen. TimeRegen. SpeedDamageDamage/secAttacks/minDamage PotentialDanger LevelThreatTaming LevelSpeedAgilityIntelligencePsycheStaminaStrengthStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElc
AakasDefender2500 21  Minimal2525  80100802525444  9   
Paladin7000 49.5  Limited63465  80100807025999  22.5   
Sentinel1300  76  Large129880  801008013025131313  37   
Warden2000  145  Great2229000  801008020025252525  70   
AchelousOutcast100  9  Minimal390  2014141030         
Bandit120     Minimal3   2014141230         
Raider160     Minimal3   2014141630         
Guard140     Minimal4   2014141430         
 Admiral AkzarSingle Maturity Mob9000     Great38   100100100900100         
AetherexYoung600  57  Medium133420  701356075  57      
Provider75025500.2972  Large185400  831357585         
Old71024200.2968  Large184828  781357180         
Mature65033200.2   Large13   731356577         
Guardian76019500.3980  Large176080  801357685         
    HPsHP/sHPDmg/s    Levelm/s              
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