Blueprint Drops
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BlueprintLooted BlueprintLast VUFrequency
Abrer Laser Sight BlueprintAlekz Precision Scope Blueprint11.5.0Very often
Dacascos Precision Scope Blueprint11.5.0Often
Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)11.4.5 
Alekz Precision Scope BlueprintAlekz Precision Scope Blueprint10.2 
Alferix Texture BlueprintGold Texture Blueprint (L)11.6.0Unknown
Alloy Plate BlueprintAlloy Plate Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Flash Suppressor Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Projector Housing Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Welding Wire Blueprint (L)14.2.1Uncommon
Arkadian Key 4 BlueprintGYRO Combat FAP-14 (L) Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L) Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Arkadian Key 7 BlueprintArkadian Key 4 Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
GYRO FAP-22 (L) Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
Ziplex TK120 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)14.2.1Unknown
Ziplex TK220 Seeker (L) Blueprint14.2.1Unknown
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